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Pho  pronounced  “Fuh”
Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup made with beef, chicken, or vegetable broth. Rice noodle topped with white onion, green onion, and cilantro. Alongside with bean sprouts, basil, jalapeño, and lime.

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we ordered via grub hub and omfg it was so good. we are both so full. we got veggie spring rolls (so rich they tasted like butter lol), orange chicken (we don't ever get this, but 420 made me do it and GET THIS NOW! it's not like any other orange chicken. the sauce tastes like legit citrus and the chicken is yum.), pho tom (standard shrimp pho w all the good toppings), and shrimp tom yum pho. I have to talk about that for a second because 1) tom yum is my fav soup ever 2) our fav pho place is now closed (rip vien cafe) and I hadn't found a pho I liked since -- UNTIL NOW. this was a spectacular mashup of pure deliciousness omg. the tom yum broth was so good (lemongrass and spice) and adding lime/sprouts/basil changed my life forever. we actually are thinking of going there for dinner lol.
Here we go. It's Pho. Guys, I love the place. Have been there many many times. It's just good, tasty, food looks delicious. Even now, writing this review, I'm kind of hungry and want to eat something from their menu. The place itself is not that big and cozy. In order to get to the restroom you need to go through the kitchen. And for the first time I thought it's kind of not cool. But on the other hand you can eves drop on how they are cooking, whether it is clean there or not ? Interior is not something regular but a little bit special. The prices are affordable and staff is welcoming and polite. They have the best water I've ever tried elsewhere, with a sour lemon taste.
Share review Embed review 7/15/2019 I have this at 5 stars because I didn't experience anything that would have me give less. We ordered the spring rolls, I thought they were fresh, they give you 6 halves for an appetizer, so great there. We then ordered the Green Curry and The Vegetable Pho. The green curry had a nice balance for the cook of the veggies and the curry had great flavor. The rice as well, was nicely cooked. The Pho is where they get the rating. Typically my experience with Veggie Pho or Tofu Pho is a very bland broth. I enjoyed it very much. The staff was very pleasant and attentive. I look forward to round 2. Cheers!
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